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Thorough 1:1 learning

It is conducted in a 1:1 conversation between the student and the instructor in charge
Group-type conversation classes taught at academies can be swept away or distracted by the atmosphere
Conquer the Korean language through one-on-one lessons with accurate conversational levels tailored to individuals and educational programs
Compared to academies where you have to talk with a friend next to you with similar skills, it is conducted in a way that allows you to have a 1:1 conversation with a local native speaker



Intensive learning

Students improve their Korean language skills in a short period of time through intensive classes.
The best way to speak Korean is to go to Korea.
However, if this is not possible, the'intensive learning method' is adopted, which takes a large amount of class time to overcome this environmentally.


Best instructor


Demanding instructor selection process and continuous effort to upgrade instructor history
Focused on instructors with diverse teaching experience, the first document review is selected through the actual qualification review through a 1-hour class.
After selection, training tailored to the instructor training program is conducted for two months, and the class level is maintained and improved through continuous monitoring.
The self-test twice a month gives the instructors a sense of tension.


Professional Learning Management Service


• Web accessibility setting (step by step setting)

• Malware control, prohibited word setting, personal information protection function

• API support for developers, administrator site support

We are building and operating a system that automatically manages class management in real time.
The real-time class management system boasts the best level in Korea, and you can check all aspects of learning management, such as class time change, instructor change, reinforcement, and attendance status, online in real time.
We provide detailed learning diagnosis, level test evaluation, monthly evaluation, and instructor's evaluation of daily learning content as feedback.